To The Teeth 1999
Swing Set 2000

She came to and her
whole life was how she remembered it
she had a mouth full of fur
and she was laughing
she parked her hearse across
three spaces posted motocycles only
and jumped out shouting
wha the cus could make a nice girl like us
feel so lonely?

are you weary as water
in a faucet left dripping
with an incessant sadness
like a sad record skipping
and an ugly and ornery
and shadowy dread
lurking like a troll under the bridge 
between your heart and your head

please dumb blind kind sir
lend little miss listless a little bit of christmas
she's been a real good girl
but now she's stuck here
the world is so little and still
mysterious and ominous as ever before
like an unmarked bottle of pills
on the shelf right next to the thing
you were reaching for

swing the groove 'round here
where i can reach it
when i get my ass back on track
i'm gonna need it
swing shift til i get the money
to buy me and my baby a moon full of honey
then i'm gonna turn off the nagging voices
inside my head
that follow me to bed and say
you suck...blah blah blah
Ani DiFranco