Brief Bus Stop
Not So Soft 1991
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She sat there like a photograph of someone much further away
We shared a brief bus stop on one of those in-between days
She gave me her smile
And I looked underneath at the lipstick on her teeth 
She asked me for a light and if I thought her hair looked okay
We grew out of the small talk
Into stuff strangers just don't say
We discovered we are both
Pleasantly furious half of the time, 
when we're not just toeing the line
We sat underneath the shelter as the rain came down outside
The bench was cold against the underside of our thighs
I said I think we need new responses
each question's a revolving door
And she said, yeah, my life may not be something special
but it's never been lived before
We decided our urgency will wane when we grow old
And there will be a new generation of anger,
New stories to be told
But I said, I don't know if I can wait
For that peace to be mine
And she said, well, you know,
We've been waiting for this bus for an awfully long time
Ani DiFranco