Letting The Telephone Ring
Ani DiFranco 1990

I am letting the telephone ring 
cause I don't want to know why. 
I don't want to hear you explain. 
I don't want to hear you cry. 
I have written so much about you. 
So much I thought I knew. 
Words like water used to flow. 
Now what could I possibly have to say ? 
She is someone I don't even know. 
And all the things that you've given to me, 
I see now were simply reparations. 
They were gifts of your guilt, they were my preparation. 
I know I should be mature, 
keep my feet on the floor, 
but for some reason, 
I just don't want them anymore. 
I know this shouldn't be important compared to you and I, 
but I can still hear my questions, 
and I can still hear you. 
I can still hear you lie.

Now vicariously, I have her in me. 
I want to peel off my skin, let the water wash in. 
You always said that I was hiding, that I was hiding from you. 
But you are capable of things I could not do. 
You are capable of things I could not do. 
I remember how you pretended, 
how you pretended to touch me. 
I remember how I couldn't bring myself to believe. 
I remember wondering what was wrong, what was wrong ? 
How could I be so naive, how could I be so naive ?
Ani DiFranco