Not So Soft
Not So Soft 1991
Like I Said 1993
Living In Clip 1997
Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 2006

In a forest of stone,
underneath the corporate canopy,
where the sun rarely filters down
the ground is not so soft, not so soft
They build buildings to house people making money
or they build buildings to make money off of housing people
It's true, like a lot of things are true
I am foraging for a phone booth on the forest floor 
that is not so soft
I look up it looks like the buildings are burning
but it's just the sun setting
The solar system calling an end to another business day
Eternally circling, signaling the rhythmic clicking 
on and off of computers
The pulse
of the American machine
The pulse
that draws death dancing out of anonymous side streets
You know the ones that always get dumped on and never get plowed
It draws death dancing out of little countries with funny languages
where the ground is getting harder and it was not that soft before
Those who call the shots are never in the line of fire,
There's life for hire out there
If a flag of truth were raised,
we could watch every liar rise to wave it
Here we learn America like a script. 
Playwright, birthright, same thing. We bring ourselves to the role
We're all rehearsing for the presidency
I always wanted to be commander in chief of my one woman army
But I can envision the mediocrity of my finest hour
It's the failed America in me
It's the fear that lives in a forest of stone
underneath the corporate canopy
where the sun rarely filters down
and the ground is not so soft.
Ani DiFranco