Out Of Habit
Ani DiFranco 1990
Like I Said 1993
Living In Clip 1997
Rome, Italy Live 11.15.04 2005

The butter melts out of habit. 
The toast isn't even warm. 
The waitress and the man in the plaid shirt 
play out a scene they've played so many times before. 
I am watching the sun stumble home in the morning 
from a bar on the east side of town. 
And the coffee is just water dressed in brown.

Beautiful but boring, he visited me yesterday. 
He noticed my fingers and asked me if I would play. 
I didn't really care a lot, 
but I couldn't think of a reason why not. 
I said, "If you don't come any closer, I don't mind if you stay." 
My thighs have been involved in many accidents 
and now I can't get insured, and I don't need to be lured by you. 
My cunt is built like a wound that won't heal. 
And now you don't have to ask because you know how I feel. 
You know how I feel.

Art is why I get up in the morning, 
but my definition ends there. 
You know, it doesn't seem fair 
that I'm living for something I can't even define. 
There you are, right there in the meantime. 
I don't want to play for you anymore. 
Show me what you can do. 
Tell me what are you here for? 
I want my old friends. 
I want my old face. 
I want my old mind. 
Fuck this time and place.

The butter melts out of habit. 
You know, the toast isn't even warm
Ani DiFranco